• Goethe Singspiel

Goethe's Singspiel in three acts was set to music by Schubert in 1815 after a period in which his engagement with Goethe's Faust had given rise to his first masterpiece and a flood of Goethe settings. Only Act One of Schuberts's Claudine score is extant, since Act Two and Act Three were largely destroyed - reputedly burnt as fuel by Joseph Huttenbrenner's servants during the revolution in 1848.

The present volume makes Act One available for performance in English and German.It comprises both a piano reduction by Lorraine Byrne of the original Schubert orchestral score and a bilingual text.The latter is based on Goethe's 1788 version and has been translated for the modern stage by Dan Farrelly. This is a tale, wittily told, of lovers and vagabonds, romance, reconciliation, and resolution of family conflict.

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Goethe Singspiel

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