Frequently Asked Questions

   Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I have never published a book before, do you provide assistance/advice at all stages of production?
Yes, our staff will give you every assistance to get your book successfully into print. In this regard, we would recommend an initial brief discussion (either by telephone or in person) regarding size, layout and formatting to assist in the smooth running of the file production.

Q. What are the minimum and maximum quantities?
The minimum is 50 copies and the maximum is whatever the author requires.
Q. What is the minimum and maximum number of pages?
The minimum is 48 and the maximum is 750.
Q. Who controls or decides which format the book is to be produced in?
The writer retains full control of format, pricing, etc.
Q. What formats and bindings can you print?
Although the number of pages in a book will generally dictate the binding style, we can produce books using the following binding methods:
Saddle-stitched (stapled along the spine) - Perfect bound (paperback) – casebound (hard cover with optional dust jacket) – wiro (spiral) bound; and any variation of these bindings to include various flap styles, as requested.
Q. How do I get a book produced by eprint if it is not available as a digital file?
You may provide us with good clean hard copy, which we can scan, to produce a digital file ready for printing. Depending on the complexity of the cover design, we can also scan and recreate a similar style cover. There will be an extra charge for this service, which will be quoted upon receipt of the book and assessment of its condition.
Q. How good is the quality of print on demand reprints compared to original books?
When reprints are requested, eprint will use the same files and material that were used in the first print run of your publication, so a second print run will be of exactly the same quality as the first print run. All files are held on a secure server with a back-up copy for up to five years and may be retrieved and updated for further editions.
Q. When reprinting from an existing book, what happens to the disassembled book? Is it returned?
Unfortunately, the book cannot be returned to the writer in its original condition.
Q. If I hold a digital file already, what formats can eprint accept and how should I send it?
Ideally a high resolution (high quality) PDF file set up to the finished dimensions of your book, with fonts either embedded or supplied separately.

Files can also be supplied in Word format (or comparable rich text format), which will be formatted into your agreed layout. There will be a formatting charge for this service, which will be quoted for before proceeding.
Files can be submitted on USBs or as e-mail attachments. Larger files, such as drawings or photographs should be supplied via web transfer services, BigMail File, Google, etc.
Q. What happens to the book file once eprint has produced it?
All files are held on a secure server with a back-up copy for a period of five years.
Q. Will I get a proof copy to check before you print the first copy of the book?
Absolutely, we require you to sign off a proof copy before any print run is undertaken.
Q. Would eprint refuse to print a book if they considered the work to be of insufficient quality?
We would alert the writer to any concerns we may have, and recommend changes and improvements that could be made before proceeding further.

Q. How long does it take to set a title up?


This varies, depending upon the amount of work involved. Obviously, setting up a digital file is much quicker than scanning hard copy, and 50 pages received correctly laid out require less preparation than do 300 pages received with a double carriage return after every line and double spacing between every pair of sentences - all of which has to be stripped out manually. Except in the case of exceptionally complicated layouts, we anticipate a timescale of approximately 10 days from receipt of a digital file to sending a book to print.
Q. How quickly can you print once an order has been received?
Once the title is set up on our website we anticipate supplying print on demand titles within 3 days of the order being received.
Q. Who controls the right to print?

The writer controls the right to print.
Q. Who controls the book rights?
The writer retains all rights.
Q. Can I make changes to the book?

You can make changes to the book up until the proof copy is printed. If any changes are required once you have received your proof copy, other than errors made by us or by the print setup, an additional charge will be made. Therefore, to save yourself additional expense it is imperative that the initial manuscript is as near perfect as possible and that you thoroughly review the proof copy provided before giving permission for us to proceed to print.
Q. How do I get an ISBN?

As part of our service, eprint will organize the obtaining of an ISBN for your book and will also generate a barcode for your publication at a charge of €20.00.
Q. Who is responsible for clearance of digital rights?
It is the writer's responsibility to obtain clearance for all text and illustrations for digital use. eprint requires that you indemnify us against any infringements of other people's copyright, and where appropriate supply us with written proof.
Q. Can I change the price?
The choice of price is entirely at the writer’s discretion, although advice will be provided.


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