• The Mass Evictions In Kilrush Poor Law Union During The Great Famine

Kilrush Poor Law union encompassed a large area of the south-west of County Clare in the 19th century. The union achieved national notoriety during the Great Famine in Ireland due to the very high level of poverty, hardship, hunger, destitution, famine-related diseases and deaths among its population. A primary cause of those distressed conditions and of the union's notoriety was the extraordinary level of mass evictions that occurred there during the Famine years. County Clare had the highest level of evictions, relative to its population, of any county in Ireland during the Great Famine and Kilrush Poor Law union had the highest level of mass evictions in Clare.

This book presents, for the first time, a detailed analysis of the context, course, causes and consequences of the mass evictions in Kilrush Poor Law union during the Great Famine. It describes the pre-famine community and land-holding patterns, the onset and progress of the mass evictions. It identifies the main evictors, the numbers evicted and their locations. Context and perspectives are examined by reference to other mass evictions in other places and at other times. Extensive contemporary accounts of the Kilrush clearances are reviewed, including the many iconic images from the pages of the Illustrated London News.

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OaC is a community-based company formed to promote the study of the culture of County Clare. The aim of OaC is to foster and promote the Irish traditional arts in their native environment. 

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The Mass Evictions In Kilrush Poor Law Union During The Great Famine

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