There is a crisis in the Catholic Church. Clericalism has diminished us all and it produces abuse. Catholics want power-sharing and refuse to collude in any abuse of children, women, priests or LGBT+ persons. Patriarchal suppression of women concerning ministry, leadership and governance repels many people. Roman refusal over many years to listen and update has alienated large numbers. Priests are in short supply, overburdened and restricted by clerical rules and traditions. Parishes will wither away if the hierarchy persists in refusal to heed the wisdom of lay people who now favour Eucharistic celebration by male or female priests whether married or single. From a parental viewpoint, it is tragic if the Good News of Jesus Christ is being denied to people today while expressed in medieval concepts and patriarchal structures. A whole new narrative is needed soon.

Pope Francis is providing leadership. He seems to favour collegial governance enriched by the wisdom arising from parish assemblies and diocesan synods. He has called for an emphatic “no” to all forms of clericalism. He has repeatedly asked for our opinions and active participation in serious Church reform. Irish archbishops now agree that the hierarchy must listen to the voices and opinions of the people. Accordingly, concerned lay people who are free to speak their mind can cooperate with priests and bishops to bring about substantial change in the presumed absence of Roman roadblocks. Lay people have been deferential for too long. They must clearly express their wisdom and approval of change. There is a great need in every parish for ongoing conversation and dialogue leading to consensus and substantial reform.


This new book is one response by a parent and practising Catholic who was ordained in 1970 and married in 1977. He is a member of the Catholic reform group We are Church Ireland (WAC Ireland - and volunteers in the local parish of St Attracta’s, Meadowbrook, Dundrum. The book shares the story of his faith journey as well as the resultant opinions together with suggestions for reform and action. It also invites the reader to speak out through letters, parish assemblies and diocesan synods leading to Vatican III. All are invited to be the change. The author welcomes any interviews and will gladly join in conversation with any interested group.


Proceeds to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul

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SPEAK OUT FOR REFORM in the Catholic Church

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