• The Misery Hill Murders

In Medieval times there was a place in Dublin between the docks and the Grand Canal Basin called Misery Hill.
This was where the untouchables, the lepers and the unfortunates were taken as a bell was rang to warn the
good citizens of Dublin the unclean were on their way out of the city. Later there was a gallows erected in Misery Hill and all the municipal hangings took place there.

Many a local Pirate caught pillaging the ships entering Dublin bay had his neck cracked and many a thief came
to a gruesome end on the gallows at Misery Hill. Their bodies were left rotting in a cage to warn other would be
wrong-doers. There was a small group of houses, a local shop, a couple of old Dockers pubs and a local school.

In more recent times it was surrounded by the Gas company with its enormous Gasometer and its lingering
stench of gas. The soil was so contaminated it had to be dug up and taken by ship to be disposed of elsewhere.
Over the years in Misery Hill, stories were told of headless horsemen and murders and mysterious deaths
with a hint of the supernatural. These are some of those stories...

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The Misery Hill Murders

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