• Book of Muckross - Ooom Mucca Roose

The Book reveals the first words spoken on ‘the isles’ of Britain and Ireland before the arrival of The Celts and The Romans. They came directly by boat from Senegal, West Africa, more than 50,000 years ago .These homo sapiens were Black .Their words became a substrate language to Gaelic and continues to survive today. Their evidence can be found in their landscape, boats, rivers, lakes, islands, technology, mathematics, taxation, politics, music, dance, Gaelic sports, and religion on ‘the isles’. They learned the precursor to the word for speed, the internet and space science from the monkey.

It is the story of The Kingdom of Kerry that is not forgotten because it was never known and once embraced all ‘the isles’ of Britain and Ireland and may do so again.

This book reveals palimpsest annals that are not available in Trinity College Dublin.

The author is a great grandson of an English boat immigrant to Ireland during The Great Famine 1845-52 .During this time many native Irish were dying, hungry and leaving the country either by deportation or desperation or both. Today nothing has changed and people continue to arrive and leave to remind us that ‘the isles’ are no longer an island.

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Book of Muckross - Ooom Mucca Roose

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