• The Secret Box... Finding the Key

In writing this book the author kept her promise to clients to write a self-help guide. In many of the chapters, called Padlocks, where the book deals with the ordinariness of day-to-day living, she has infused a little adrenaline, which makes the search for the secret desires of a woman more enjoyable and interesting. With an acid dose of humour, she touches on other universal themes, the main one being revenge.

 The book has been adapted to appeal to three styles of readers: the Brazilian, Spanish and Irish cultures that hosted the research and life of the author.


Michelle Hadad, a Brazilian, was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1981. She moved to Ireland in March 2007 to seek new adventures and experience new cultures. While searching for different experiences, she found herself intrigued by universal human behaviours.

This book was compiled from various events and pursuits, and is supported by relevant areas such as NLP coaching and adult psychology. An in-depth analysis of the “humanity” issues will reveal many solutions for readers and open new windows, and has given even the author herself a new lease of life. Through the in-depth analysis referred to above she got a chance to achieve the transformation that the leading figure in the book (Maria) had already reached.

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The Secret Box... Finding the Key

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