Book Design and Layout

Your manuscript may need some work to prepare it for print and publishing, we can tailor these services to suit your needs and budget. Why not send us your document file (whether it is your final file or not) so that we can assess it in order to provide you with an estimate for the required work, with no obligation. Our designers will take your words and with careful consideration for all elements of typography; fonts, kerning, line-length, leading and tracking, craft them into pages that are both readable and visually appealing.

From choosing images for your book to formatting each page of your book correctly, eprint provides services that have your design needs covered. Our artists will work with you to create a professional looking book that represents your hard work including: 

  • Interior Colour Illustrations  
  • Interior Black & White Illustrations  
  • Interior Page Layout  
  • Cover Design  
  • Stock Images  

Our designers can also create anything else you might need on your journey into self-publishing, including book launch invitations, posters, full-colour brochures, leaflets, flyers, etc. to promote your publication to a wider audience.

We can also offer your books for sale on our website.

 Promotion for your Books

A4 posters

A4 posters are a great way of promoting your book launch in your local area. You can pin them or stick them up in local shops, notice boards or on the window of a bookshop that is selling your book. A4 is the size that most shops prefer. We can provide posters that show off your book and give you room to write in text, giving the date, time and venue of your launch or book signing event.


The best way to get people to go to your book event is to give them, or send them a printed invitation. We provide invitations printed on card paper. The invitations will have an image of your book on one side and details of the event on the other side. There will be room for you writing an extra note and the person’s name.

As an additional extra (if not included in your package):

Press Release – Full Colour A4 (70)

Leaflet – Full Colour A5 (250)

Posters – Full Colour A3 (10)

Posters – Full Colour A2 mounted on Foamex (4)

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